Creating configurations

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So you want to create a new configuration? Sure, this guide will tell you how.

You have two choices:

  • Create your configuration from scratch
  • Copy configuration from someone and modify it

Depending on your choice it will be harder or easier to complete the task. It's a good practice however, to look how things are done in already uploaded configurations. Especially with configs downloaded from official repo, they're tested and are a examples of a good configs. You can learn how to make yours by studying these.

Config editors

Creating a new configuration is easy. You can use two available config editors. gimx-fpssconfig is simple and gimx-config is more advanced.

Choice mostly depends on the device you want to use. Recommended ones are:

You can however, use both if you want to. Just remember that gimx-fpsconfig was meant to be used with Mouse and keyboard and some options may be useless for other devices.

Documentation of both editors is available on pages linked above. You should read it before proceeding further.

Mouse calibration

If you plan to use Mouse and Keyboard a mouse calibration program will be needed. If not you can skip this part. Mouse calibration program allows to test and tweak various config values with ease to make a perfect aim in your game

First, create a configuration using gimx-fpsconfig and then you can use mouse calibration to find right acceleration and x/y values for your game.

This way of using gimx is most advanced but you shouldn't have problems with it. You can of course try to tweak config using "trial and error" method but using a mouse calibration program will be a lot easier and faster way to create a perfect config.

Documentation of mouse calibration program is available on Mouse Calibration wiki page. You should read it before proceeding further.

Testing configurations

Note: If you use Mouse you can use mouse calibration to live-test your config

When you think it's time to test your configuration push File->Save, select your configuration from config list and push start.

Now test your config in-game, note what needs improving, modify conifguration and start again. Do it until you think it's perfectly playable.

Polishing your config

When you finished tweaking your config you can start polishing it.

Perfect config should have:

  • All buttons mapped
  • Labels on all buttons explaining its actions
  • For FPS games: Two profiles, second one for aiming down the sights (ADS)
  • For Mouse: Correct DPI value
  • For Steering Wheels: Force Feedback working

Final tests

It's a good practice to complete the game or play a long time on your new config to ensure if it's working correctly. No need to hurry here, just enjoy the game and if you find some bugs here and there, improve the config.

Always try to play on the newest version of the game. Updates may include fixes for input bugs in game engine and/or improvements for the aiming model like high-precision mode. If you don't have it already please update it. You may be surprised how much an update may improve aiming mechanics.

When you are sure everything is working as it should you can proceed to the last part

Sharing config

We strongly encourage you to share you config with the other players. Not only you will help other players but you can also became famous as for every config the author name is displayed on the Config Index Wiki Page and also on the forum.

Remember: No configuration will be rejected. If there's something wrong with it the forum staff will help you to improve it.

If you would like to share it please proceed to the [Configurations and Request forum] where you can post it and share with the rest of the community. Please ensure that you read subforum rules so your topic will be perfect as your config is.

Thanks for sharing configuration with GIMX community!