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gimx-config is the general purpose config editor, and the most complete of the editors. It can edit configs produced by other editors.




Button tab

Bind controls (button or axis, from any device) to controller buttons (cross, select, etc.).


Axis tab

Bind controls (button or axis, from any device) to controller axes (left stick x, left stick y, pressure sensitive buttons, etc.).


Overall tab

profile trigger

Profile trigger is the button that activates the profile.

The profile activation can be delayed (for ex. 100ms).
If the switch back checkbox is enabled, GIMX will switch back to the previous profile when the button is released.
Typical use cases that allow to tweak the ADS mouse parameters in FPS games:
  1. second profile with right mouse button as trigger, and switch back enabled; right mouse button is bind to the ADS button (for ex. l1) in both profiles
  2. first and second profiles with right mouse button as trigger, and switch back disabled; right mouse button is bind to the ADS button (for ex. l1) in the first profile only ("toggle mode")

mouse options


Mouse smoothing can be configured there if needed.
The mouse mode can be either "aiming" or "driving/flying".

axis intensities

This can be used to have a precise control over a stick with buttons, or over a pressure-sensitive button with buttons.
Typical use case for FPS games:
  • WASD is bind to the left stick
  • mouse wheel down and up resp. decrease and increase the left stick intensity
  • dead zone = 20 (lowest stick position along each axis)
  • steps = 3 (number of stick positions along each axis)


This part is only applicable for bluetooth.
Up to 7 sixaxis controllers, each using a different bluetooth dongle, can be emulated by GIMX.
Each controller can be configured independently.



There are up to 8 profiles per controller.
For example, it's possible to define a profile for aiming: copy-paste the profile #1 to profile #2, define the right mouse click as profile #2 trigger with switch back (Overall tab), and adjust the mouse sensitivity & acceleration (Axis tab).


Config conversion

Items of the "Edit" menu that allow to convert a configuration:

  • The "Replace Mouse" item allows to change the mouse name and id.
  • The "Convert mouse sensitivity" item allows to adjust the mouse sensitivity according to source/destination DPI values.
  • The "Replace Keyboard" item allows to change the keyboard name and id.


  • Multiple mice and keyboards: check this box if you want two mice or two keyboards to be independent.
Use case: use the mouse wheel of a keypad (such as the n52te) independently from the mouse wheel.
  • Link controls: updates bindings in all controller profiles.
Use case: a same binding is defined in profiles 1 & 2; modify the binding in profile 1: the binding in profile 2 is updated.
  • Auto-bind controls: remap bindings according to the labels; the configuration to modify and the reference configuration should have labels configured (column 'Label' in Button and Axis tabs).