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gimx-fpsconfig is the config editor for FPS games, easier to use, but far less complete than gimx-config. Editing configs produced by other editors with gimx-fpsconfig is not recommended.

gimx-fpsconfig is a config editor that helps to use a keyboard and a mouse in FPS games.
This means it only allows to:

  • bind mouse and keyboard buttons to buttons
  • bind mouse and keyboard buttons to the left stick
  • bind the mouse axes to the right stick and edit the translation parameters
  • use 2 profiles (first = hip fire, second = aiming down the sights, second profile trigger is the mouse right button, with switch back enabled)



Bind controls

To bind a button to a button or a direction of the left stick, click on the GUI button (cross, l1, select, left stick up, etc), and click on the button (w, space, left button, etc).


Set mouse translation parameters

The mouse translation parameters can be edited in the bottom part of the GUI. It is advised to calibrate these parameters through the Mouse Calibration tool.


Set control labels

To set a label, click on menu 'Advanced>Edit Label', click on the GUI button, and set the label.


The label will appear in the GUI button tooltip.


Set the mouse DPI

In case the config is built from scratch (menu 'File>New'), the mouse DPI has to be set.
The value is used by the calibration tests that are run by the Mouse Calibration tool.


Convert the mouse sensitivity

The "Convert sensitivity" GUI button allows to adjust the mouse sensitivity according to source/destination DPI values.
It is useful to convert a config that was built for a mouse that runs at a different DPI setting.


Auto-bind controls

To auto bind controls according to the labels defined in a reference configuration, click on menu 'Advanced>Auto-bind controls'. The configuration to modify and the reference configuration should have labels configured.


Controls not found or in conflict are colored in red.