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This page contains results of every game tested against compatibility with GIMX software. Tests are done on the latest available version of the game.

For most of games listed with here playable status on GIMX, there should be a config available to download from gimx-loader "Get configs" section. If you are unsure how to do it see the following tutorial. For some alternative configs you will need to download them manually, just click the More Info link of the config you want to download.

If there is some info missing in particular config feel free to add it! We will be happy to submit it to the repository. Not only you will help other players but you can also became famous as for every config here the author name is displayed.

Note: Most configs with "No Data" status were submitted before creating this index. Please add your opinion about the config playability to them

Note: If you are a config author please add it here using edit Wiki page feature

Steering wheel compatibility

Every game should work with steering wheel emulation if it has any GIMX supported wheel support

GIMX can make most of existing steering wheels compatible with console. It works by emulating your existing steering wheel to device that game is supporting.

For example, you have Logitech Driving Force Pro and you would like to play, for example DIRT Rally on PS4. You can clearly see that on Playstation 4 it does support some devices but not yours, however it supports G29 that GIMX can emulate. You can use G29 config to mimick your device into G29 so you can play the game on PS4 even with officially unsupported steering wheel.

As force the Force Feedback effects there are two available modes that GIMX use.

For more information refer to this article.

Compatibility index for use with mouse


Good Playable on mouse with little to no acceleration and without input bugs
Average Playable on mouse but with some amounts of forced smoothing or acceleration
Bad Barely playable on mouse with massive amounts of smoothing, acceleration and/or input bugs
Unplayable Unplayable on mouse, mostly due to bad input mechanics implementation in the game engine
No Data No data about playability level available, feel free to add some!


Title Playability Date tested Tested on On repo Author More info Comment
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Average 30/09/2016 Xbox 360 Yes Godlike Link
Battlefield 3 No Data 29/09/2011 PS3 Yes McKack Link
Battlefield 3 No Data 06/12/2011 PS3 No sp3c14list Link
Battlefield 3 No Data 15/02/2012 PS3 No rizzlan Link
Battlefield 4 No Data No Data PS4 Yes foxy N/A
Battlefield 1 No Data 02/02/2017 PS4 No DoM__ Link
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Average No Data PS3 Yes Matlo N/A Game has low max turning speed.
Battlefield: Hardline No Data 03/04/2015 PS3 Yes shatterstar78 Link
Black Average 08/09/2017 Xbox 360E Yes Godlike Link
Blacklight: Retribution Unplayable? 29/07/2014 PS4 Yes Kekskrümel Link
Call of Duty: Black Ops Good No data PS3 Yes Matlo N/A
Call of Duty: Black Ops No Data 11/07/2011 PS3 Yes McKack Link
Crysis 2 Good No data PS3 Yes Matlo N/A
Dark Souls 3 No Data 23/04/2016 PS4 Yes cajuil Link
Destiny Good? 23/07/2014 PS4 Yes Cybereu Link
Deus Ex: Human Revolution No Data 23/07/2014 PS3 Yes ckaiycool Link
Doom Good 24/10/2017 PS4 Yes kaiba_seto2004 Link
Fallout 4 Bad 22/12/2016 PS4 No Johny Link Config lacks an ADS profile. High DPI needed.
Far Cry 3 Good No data PS3 Yes Matlo N/A
Gears of War 1 Good 11/05/2016 Xbox 360 Yes Godlike Link
Gears of War 2 Average 16/05/2016 Xbox 360 Yes Godlike Link
Gears of War 3 Average 20/08/2016 Xbox 360 Yes Godlike Link
GoldenEye 007:Reloaded Good? 18/12/2011 PS3 Yes McKack Link
GoldenEye 007:Reloaded Good 28/03/2016 Xbox 360 Yes Godlike Link
Halo 4 Good 02/08/2016 Xbox 360 Yes Godlike Link
Halo 5: Guardians Good 30/01/2016 Xbox One No sephirotdnf Link Config lacks an ADS profile.
Killzone 1 HD Good 11/05/2016 PS3 Yes Godlike Link
Killzone 2 Unplayable 26/06/2016 PS3 No Godlike N/A
Killzone 3 Average 31/07/2011 PS3 Yes McKack Link
Killzone: Shadow Fall Average No Data PS4 Yes Matlo N/A
Medal of Honor: Frontline Unplayable 10/10/2017 PS3 No Godlike N/A
Overwatch No Data 08/06/2016 PS4 Yes Cybereu Link
Paladins Average 24/10/2017 PS4 Yes kaiba_seto2004 Link
Payday: The Heist No Data 18/12/2011 PS3 Yes McKack Link
Perfect Dark Bad 24/9/2016 Xbox 360 Yes Godlike Link
Rainbow Six: Siege Good 10/11/2016 PS4 Yes DiJu519 Link
Red Dead Redemption No Data 25/02/2012 PS3 Yes yeicob Link
Resistance 1 Good 03/12/2016 PS3 Yes Godlike Link
Resistance 2 Average 11/12/2016 PS3 Yes Godlike Link
Resistance 3 Good 13/12/2011 PS3 Yes McKack Link
StarHawk Good 25/11/2017 PS3 No Godlike Link
The Darkness Unplayable 09/09/2016 Xbox 360 No Godlike N/A
The Last of Us No Data 19/03/2014 PS3 Yes pawel Link
Tom Clancy's: The Division Good? 25/02/2016 PS4 Yes Cybereu Link
Uncharted 1: Drake's Fortune No Data 19/03/2012 PS3 Yes yeicob Link
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves No Data 25/03/2012 PS3 Yes yeicob Link
Watch Dogs No Data No Data PS4 Yes foxy N/A
Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Good 08/12/2017 PS4 No Godlike Link