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Force feedback support is available for all Logitech wheel emulations:

  • EMUG29PS4: G29, for PS4 (does not work with PC as target)
  • EMUG27PS3: G27, for PS3 (does not work with PC as target)
  • EMUGTFPS2: GT Force, for PS2 (may work with PC as target)
  • EMUDFPS2: Driving Force, for PS2 (may work with PC as target)
  • EMUDFPPS2: Driving Force Pro, for PS2 (may work with PC as target)
  • EMUG27PC: G27, for PC

There are two force feedback conversion methods: direct translation and OS translation.


Compatibility mode

This concerns at least the EMUG27PS3 firmware.
The G27 is supposed to switch to compatibility mode (behaving as a Driving Force) when in the XMB. GIMX does not do this. As a consequence the controls do not work correctly in the XMB.
To work-around this issue, start the game with a Dualshock 3, and then reassign controllers.

Device selection strategy

GIMX only considers the first joystick device as the target for force feedback effects.
This means that wheel controls should be added first, and appear at the bottom in the button tab of gimx-config.

--todo: add screenshot

Direct translation

It works for the following Logitech wheels:

  • Formula Force
  • Formula Force GP
  • Driving Force
  • Driving Force Ex
  • Momo Force
  • Momo Racing Force
  • Driving Force Pro
  • G25
  • Driving Force GT
  • G27
  • G29

It also should work for all Fanatec wheels that have a Logitech compatibility mode.

OS translation

  • Windows: any wheel supporting force feedback over DirectInput should work
All PC/Windows-compatible force feedback wheels should work.
  • GNU/Linux: any wheel with force feedback support at driver level should work
Currently only the G29/G920 wheels have good support at driver level on GNU/Linux, with Linux kernel 4.6+.
The G29 has direct translation, and the G920 will have OS translation from GIMX 6.3 (with Linux kernel 4.6+ only).

Pedal axis correction

Joystick correction is only useful if the axis value can take both negative and positive values.

  1. rest = 32767, full = -32767: low_value = 32767, low_coef = -8192, high_value = 0, high_coef = 0 (Logitech case)
  2. rest = -32767, full = 32767: low_value = -32767, low_coef = 0, high_value = -32767, high_coef = 8192
  3. rest = 0 full = 32767: no correction needed
  4. rest = 0 full = -32767: set the sensitivity to -0.008 instead of 0.008

If your pedals are just reversed with no half-way dead zone, you should try 4. first.