Fifa 13 little Problem

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Fifa 13 little Problem

Post by emtec22 »

Hi there,

first ty for your great job !!

My Problem i yesterday startet my Hardware and all worked perfect. I only tested on Fifa13.

But when i clicked in Fifa13 the Ultimate Team Button , Fifa13 told me that i need a regular Wireless Controller to use it. I clicked with my regular and then with gimx and all worked again.

But is it possible that that i dont need the Controller ?

When i start Fifa13 13 My PS3 tell me that i have Playstation move connected, so i think this is our our GIMX Hardware.

Hope you can help me.

the OS: Windows 7
the adapter: CP2102 , Teensy board , atmega32u4
the console: PS3,
the game Fifa 13
the controller: keyboard

ty emtec

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Re: Fifa 13 little Problem

Post by Matlo »

As said on the wiki, the DIY USB adapter emulates a standard joystick. Some games are only compatible with Sony's controllers.
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