PS4 Pro + DS4 - no connection

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PS4 Pro + DS4 - no connection

Post by der_bob » Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:38 pm

my Setup:
Ubuntu 17.10 / Windows 10
teensy++ 2.0
Ps4 pro
DS4 Gen 1 / 2

for testing i used the "PS4_Battlefield4_foxy.xml" settings.
After connecting everything the console output says "press PS key", i pressed the PS key at the DS4 and the "PS" key on the keyboard but nothing happend. I also tried connect output "Bluetooth / PS4". By setting up a new Pairing i got stuck at "plug the teensy".

I flashed my teensy with atmega32u4.hex and at90usb1286.hex

can someone please help me :S

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Re: PS4 Pro + DS4 - no connection

Post by GoDlike » Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:49 pm


This chip is not compatible. This chip is AT90USB1286. See here - ... ment_board

Recommended choice is chip on atmega32u4 like Arduino Leonardo or old Teensy. You can also buy official adapter to ensure that it will work correctly.

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