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This is the new main page of the GIMX wiki! Looking for the old main page? Click here: link.

About GIMX

GIMX is a free software that allows to use a computer as a hub for your gaming devices. It works on Windows® and GNU/Linux platforms. It is compatible with Playstation® and Xbox® gaming consoles. The connection between the computer and the gaming console is performed using a USB adapter – get one on the GIMX shop! – or a Bluetooth® dongle (PS3/PS4 only). The capabilities depend on the platform, the connection method, and the gaming platform.


Guide generator

Adjust the values in the drop-down menus below according to your use case, and click on Go!

Other pages

Config index - mouse and keyboard - find configurations made by the GIMX community

Config index - steering wheel - find configurations made by the GIMX community

Creating Configurations - how to create a new GIMX configuration

Macros - how to use macros

Command line - how to run GIMX through the command line

Raspberry Pi - additional instructions for running GIMX on Raspberry Pi

C.H.I.P. - additional instructions for running GIMX on CHIP

Development - how to build GIMX, and more

Translate this wiki - how to translate this documentation into other languages


Blog - where to find latest news about GIMX

Shop - where to buy a GIMX adapter

Source code - where to find the GIMX source code

Bug tracker - where to report or look for issues

Forum - where to join and share with the GIMX community

Support - where to ask for help on GIMX matter