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Any feature that is not specified on this page is not supported.


  • works on PC under Ubuntu-based distros or Windows
  • works on Raspberry Pi under Raspbian
  • up to 8 profiles per controller
  • on-the-fly profile switch with switch back mode and configurable delay
  • supported devices: mice, keyboards, joysticks (gamepads, wheels, ...)
  • force feedback support for Logitech wheels (G27, G25, DFGT, ...) with the PS4
  • force feedback support for all wheels with the PS4, running GIMX on Windows
  • multiple joysticks, mice and keyboards can be used independently
  • configuration GUIs with automatic event & device detection
  • button-to-button, axis-to-axis, button-to-axis, and axis-to-button mappings
  • axis intensity control for button-to-axis mappings (sticks and pressure-sensitive buttons)
  • customizable mouse translation (dead zone, sensitivity, acceleration, smoothing)
  • mouse driving/flying mode
  • graphical display of the controller state
  • mouse calibration mode with calibration tests
  • keyboard/mouse/joystick macros with precise event scheduling
  • on-the-fly macro sets toggling/swapping
  • control axes and buttons from the command line (automation...)
  • updater
  • config downloader
  • config conversion & auto-binding
  • remote connection over UDP/IP: can receive/send controls from/to other GIMX instances


  • 100 updates/s (bt controller, real sixaxis report rate)
  • up to 250 updates/s (usb adapter)
  • measured MAX latency between event reception and emission: bt controller = lower than 12ms
  • measured AVERAGE latency between event reception and emission: bt controller = about 6ms