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Work in progress...
Give simple use cases such as: how to bind a joystick axis to an axis
A few things could be taken in this old forum tutorial:

This page explains the purpose of each translation parameter.

Dead zone

The dead zone parameter allows to shift the stick positions away from the stick center.
This allows to skip all the stick positions around the stick center that do not generate in-game movement (these positions are called the dead zone of the stick).
If lowest input motion do not generate enough movement, increase the dead zone parameter.

Dead zone shape

The dead zone shape can be set to either rectangle or circle.
Other shapes will be added in a future version.


The sensitivity parameter is nothing more than a multiplier: input motion is multiplied so as to scale to the output motion range.
Increase it if the movement is too slow and decrease it if the movement is too fast.
It can be a negative value, so as to reverse the motion direction.
Remember that the output motion range is limited (the stick has a max position).

To map a joystick axis to a stick axis, use a value of 128/32768 (about 0.004).
To map a joystick axis to a button axis, use a value of 256/32768 (about 0.008).

X/Y ratio

The x/y ratio allows to change the vertical sensitivity independently from the horizontal sensitivity.

 vertival_sens = sens * xy_ratio


The acceleration parameter allows to change the in-game acceleration.
Values higher than 1 increase the effective acceleration, whereas values lower that 1 decrease it.
In-game acceleration is generally positive, which means there is a value in the 0..1 range that will cancel it (at least for games that use simple look mechanics).

Buffer size and filter

These parameters are specific to the mouse smoothing, which is detailed on the Mouse calibration page.