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This bluetooth dongle list is not exhaustive. Please add any working dongle to this page; don't forget to mention: the chip manufacturer and version, the price and the store.

Using GIMX+bluetooth requires a bluetooth dongle or module that can have its bdaddr (bluetooth device address) modified.
Following bluetooth chips can have their bdaddrs permanently modified:

  • CSR8510
  • CSR bluecore4-rom
  • CSR bluecore2-ext

Some Broadcom chips can work, their bdaddrs can be temporarily modified.
You should prefer CSR bluecore4 and CSR8510 chips over any other chips (some CSR bluecore2/3 chips and some Broadcom chips do not work reliably).
Note for PS4 users: you should look for a bluetooth dongle based on the newer CSR8510 chip, which is the first bluetooth 4.0 chip from CSR.
Warning: most of the CSR dongles from ebay/dealextreme don't work because they are counterfeits!
The chip version can be displayed using the hcirevision command that is provided in the GIMX install package.
Open a terminal and type:

$ hciconfig hci0
	Chip version: CSR8510

If it does not display anything your dongle is very likely not a good one.

WORKS (bdaddr changed permanently)

  • BTA-401 / BTA-402 / BTA-406 from Orico (CSR8510)
Sold on ebay.
(Alternative, Chinese seller)
Sold on Chinese website
Warning: the chip may have been replaced by a broadcom one (to be confirmed).
Sold in France by Intermaché for 14.99€.
Sold on Polish website for 34,90zł.
Sold in France by Darty for 9.90€.
Sold in France by Carrefour for 14.90€.
Sold in the U.S. by Fry's Electronics for 22$.
Sold on Amazon and ebay.
Sold on Amazon and ebay.
  • Pluscom BT20 (CSR Bluecore4-rom)
  • Cellink BTA-3000 (CSR Bluecore2-ext)
  • Fujitsu FMWBA-101 (CSR Bluecore2-ext es2)
  • EPoX BT-DG03 (CSR Bluecore2-ext)
Sold in Denmark for 35KKR (6$)
  • Kensington K33902US (CSR(10) Bluecore4-rom))
Bought at BestBuy locally in Canada/US (39.99), Kensington also sells Online (19.99)(BestBuy will price match)
  • Alienware M18x internal BlueTooth Module (Dell 375)

WORKS (bdaddr not changed permanently, not recommended, can operate unreliably)

  • COM1 dongle (unknown reference) (Broadcom chip)
  • Dell Latitude E4620 Laptop internal BlueTooth Module (Broadcom Corporation (Company ID: 15))

Notes: Running on a VMware Player (virtual Machine) - Ubuntu 13, 64-bit. Response has a +3 seconds latency

DOES NOT WORK (bdaddr cannot be changed, etc.)

  • HP SDCAB-0705 (Broadcom)