VMWare Player - seems to work

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VMWare Player - seems to work

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I know this isn't supported, but I'd just like to say that it seems to work, at least (at most probably) on my machine. Perhaps everyone knows this, but I couldn't find any comments on this.

Host: Win7 laptop (HP Envy 17, nothing in specs) with integrated Broadcom Bluetooth adapter.

32-bit Ubuntu 13.04 (no VT-x required)

1 core and 1Gb RAM dedicated to VM.

No comment on performance (I don't play shooters...only girly jRPGs) but it seems playable. I'd estimate the extra latency to be something like 50ms? Not sure if that's latency due to BT or processing though.

1) Download Ubuntu 13.04
2) Download VMWare Player [ https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/free#d ... player/6_0 ]
3) Install VMWare Player
4) Launch VMWare Player, and Install Ubuntu as a new VM.
5) Install VMWare Tools if prompted.
6) Transfer ownership of your PS3 controller (plug it in first of course) and BT adapter to the VM:
click Player>Removable Devices> and look for your things > Connect (disconnect from host)

Follow the GIMX installation procedure as normal.

I disabled subpositions and enabled Force updates, but I don't think that matters.

Obviously it's better to just use a true Linux installation...but I was just curious to see what would happen in a VM (I'm sure we're all enthusiasts here, so you must understand the curiosity!).
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