C:196 & 208 error codes

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C:196 & 208 error codes

Post by Coyote_dc5 »

Haven't used my gimx emulator for years but come to use today and failing to load as my wheel is not detected on PS4. I'm running the drivingforce pro with the PS3 dual shock on the PS4. My dietpi distribution is quite old now (2016).

The emulator device itself is powering up with orange LED (i bought it , not home made) and when i SSH into pi everything is loading without error. It's only when i manually stopped gimx and loaded manually did I see two errors as below

Async c:196 async read timeout no such file or directory cant read packet header and a c:208 main no adapter found error

Should i be able to see an active.xml or config dir in my usr/bin folder or in root as they are not there?

Help :)
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Re: C:196 & 208 error codes

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Your current setup won't work on PS4. You need a genuine Dualshock 4 controller (not Dualshock 3)
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