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Hi hello
,I was thinking about buying raspberry pi only for gimx, to leave my laptop on the desk, and dont mess with all the cables every time i want play, but recent prices and avability in my country is not worth it. Raspberry price + money i can get for logitech G25 = almost G29...
(And i do t want to sell G25, got it for years and i am emotionaly bounded to :D)
I used to play with gimx, and stuff connected to laptop, but now i've changed laptop for 13" and it has only two usb ports (one 2.0, one 3.0, if that matters), to play with gimx its needed minimum three.
Is it gonna work if i connect usb hub/splitter to one of thos ports and to the hub connect gimx, g25 and ps4 pad?
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Usb hubs may work but they're not recommended because they can cause latency or power issues.
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