G920 error with PS3 (New user)

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G920 error with PS3 (New user)

Post by Mitsumoto »

Hello Gimx forum!

I just got my adapter from the official shop and I've been trying to get my G920 to work with my PS3 for Gran Turismo 6. I've been
following this guide:

https://gimx.fr/wiki/index.php?title=Gu ... _.28LGS.29

After Ioading the firmware, plugging the micro cable from the adapter to the ps3, and pressing start in the launcher, I get this error in the console:
"failed to read packet header from the GIMX adapter",

and then the console closes and I get a warning saying:
"Failed to detect the usb adapter".
(Note, my adapter is not self built, but from the shop).

My gimx launcher:
Output: GIMX Adapter
Port: COM5
Input: Physical devices
Config: LogitechG920_G29.xml
Messages: none
Mouse capture: auto

I also loaded the EMUG27.hex firmware as the guide said, and it did successfully load. I also have G HUB installed, and hitting the check button says
that the configuration looks okay. I also made sure the usb port on my PS3 worked as well.

I was wondering what might be causing the issue, and what might be the solution. I hope it's not the adapter because I just got it XD



My PS3 just had defective usb ports. On trying on another ps3, it worked just fine!
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Re: G920 error with PS3 (New user)

Post by kaiba_seto2004 »

Glad to hear you solved your trouble. Happy gaming.
PS4 enthusiast.
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