Simucube 2

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Simucube 2

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Hi. Probably someone already asked the same but i just can't find it. So after a while i decided to give a go and see what was done in game and my simucube is impossible to calibrate. I spend two hours trying and I'm frustrated. I have product worth more than 1000 euros and it doesn't work in game. I'm wondering is it that hard to make that works properly. I remember at start it was a lot of issues but didn't expected that now. Thank you
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Re: Simucube 2

Post by sakserv »

Hoping this saves someone else the headaches we've been through. Avoid GIMX if you have a Simucube 2.

Simucube 2 and GIMX is pretty terrible together. Neither side is willing to put in the time to fix the issues. I recommend opening a support case with Granite Devices. Hopefully if enough people do, they will actually look at the issue.

Honestly, I'm now looking to sell my Simucube 2 and move to Fanatec gear as it's been many months without any progress of fixing Simucube 2 + GIMX. I just don't see this ever being fixed, especially not in time for GT7, and it's not a priority at all.
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