Right stick stucks when Profile Changing

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Right stick stucks when Profile Changing

Post by aftabparast72 »

im a big fan of gimx and your perfect team. im using gimx rpi and by taking multiple hours of time, i could get best of this product. i have set everything to best possible; like setting best refresh rate and adding "usbhid.mousepoll" with the best value. its working PERFECT!

Right now i have a tiny problem when changing profiles.
Im an apex player on ps4. i use a profile with capslock key to hover the pointer when im in game menu and dropping items from my bag. actually when i hold capslock, mouse controls the left stick. the problem is when i release the capslock, sometimes display starts to turning very fast! and some times it Interference with movement when i exit my bag; i mean character auto moving in one direction (like the left stick stuck in one direction)
there is a solution and its not moving the mouse when i want to release caps lock!! but its not always possible because the game is really fast paced

i guess its because i use keyboard in profile 1 to move the left stick and the i use mouse to move left stick in capslock profile.

if i can fix this it makes the gimx BEST OF THE BEST for me. if there is a solution please tell me.

thanks for your amazing product and sorry for my bad english.
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Re: Right stick stucks when Profile Changing

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Could you please post us a log file and configuration?
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