Simucube Direct drive FFB

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Re: Simucube Direct drive FFB

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Did you ever get this fixed Turbonos? I have what I believe is the same issue and posted to the forum, but it's been over a week now with no response from the devs, so sorry to bump this old thread.
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Re: Simucube Direct drive FFB

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unfortunately I did not succeed ... I think it is a problem of calibration of the minimum current of the game ... being that he emulates a g29, unfortunately for not having that power drop in the center, they put the minimum current offset too high , is solved by putting the offset of the minimum current to zero, but this must be done by whoever created the g29emu firmware ... unfortunately we cannot do otherwise
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Re: Simucube Direct drive FFB

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Please provide the requested debug log file. It will help us understand what is causing the issue, and hopefully this will lead us to solve it.
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