PS4 Hori Wired Gamepad

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PS4 Hori Wired Gamepad

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Does the Gimex adapter only support an original PS4 controller, if i want to use a mouse and keyboard on the PS4? I tried connecting PS4 Hori Wired Gamepad and the program says no DS4 connected. Any settings or program i could use before i have to buy a PS4 controller? :lol:
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Re: PS4 Hori Wired Gamepad

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Unfortunately there are no settings you can change to get the Hori pad to work. In short you require a DS4 for it to authenticate and work
Please Remember to Post your Log file in the support section , that way its easier and faster to start identifying the issue thus helping you to sort it out so you can enjoy GIMX :D .
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Re: PS4 Hori Wired Gamepad

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Thats bad news as this could potentially enable GIMX to work with PS5.

Drivehub now works with PS5 but only with using the Hori controller rather than the genuine dual shock ... 06/page-62
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