Random disconnects and occasional input oddities

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Random disconnects and occasional input oddities

Post by bliffman » Sun Aug 11, 2019 10:17 am


I have the logitech driving force gt and I'm using GIMX (I had an old version but recently updated to 7.15), Windows 10 PC, playing F1 2018 on PS4 and I'm experiencing two problems.

1) As a controller the wheel used to be solid, i.e, once connected it stays connected but now it disconnects randomly every so often (different intervals and sometimes not for 40 mins or longer). I have disabled the device management checkboxes on all related devices and been through all settings in power management on my PC but can't see anything that looks likely to be causing this.

I have turned off power

2) When I am driving, every so often I'll get randomly overtaken by a load of cars even though I've got my foot to the floor and gearing correctly etc it's like the accelerator input only goes to 50% sometimes. It's fairly rare but it's also difficult to detect. In these cases, I do a Flashback (go back 20 secs) and it seems fine, put the foot to the floor and I get 100%.

I love the GIMX solution but if anyone can help me to fix these frustrations I'd really appreciate it :D



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Re: Random disconnects and occasional input oddities

Post by Josh » Sun Aug 11, 2019 9:13 pm

You should make a log file through gimx launcher (messages>Log file) then copy paste all the data into a pastebin
It’s helps out everyone a lot, most of the time it captures the problem at hand.

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Re: Random disconnects and occasional input oddities

Post by Matlo » Tue Aug 13, 2019 8:56 pm

As Josh said, a log file is needed. Make sure to reproduce the issue while generating the log file. If it's too big to be hosted on pastebin, use file sharing services like google drive.
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