Keyboard not responding

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Keyboard not responding

Post by GavWarrior »

Hello All

I've been using GIMX for a while but this has got me puzzled.

I am using the Shop purchased GIMX board with the firmware to power the DS4 controller. This has worked for me previously but I had to use the Raspberry Pi SD card for something else. Anyway, I have put a new card in with the same Diet Pi image and set up the configuruation as per the video I did a while back.

Normally after a while I would be able to press the configured 'H' for the PS button to then allow me to select my User for the Playstation but it is as if there is no response.

I have used this command - /usr/bin/gimx -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -c bf1newconfig.xml --nograb

Output is:

controller #1: option -p with value `/dev/ttyUSB0'
now reading arguments for controller #2
global option -c with value `bf1newconfig.xml'
grab flag is unset
USB adapter detected, controller type is: DS4.
using default refresh period: 10.00ms

So this seems to me that it should work but I am not sure how I can debug to see keyboard responses.

Any help with this would be appreciated as there are people on BF5 that now need to be shot!



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Re: Keyboard not responding

Post by GoDlike »


We have both, BF1 and BF 5 official configs in repo already if you want to use them.

Run the calibration mode by Message->curses and check if buttons appear there.
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Re: Keyboard not responding

Post by Matlo »

It could be a problem with the cable between PS4 and adapter. Check that you are using the cable provided with the adapter, and that it is fully inserted into the micro USB plug of the adapter.
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