Can't get g27 to work with ps4

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Can't get g27 to work with ps4

Post by MG5 » Fri Nov 03, 2017 12:55 am

hi Malto, My name Is Mike and I am desperately attempting to make my DIY adapter work for once

Ive been trying for over 6 months to use the G27 on PS4 and I am finally contacting you as a last resort after reading through these forums and analyzing your messages to people who claimed to have similar problems . ive read another page where you lay out what you need as far as Logs and hardware set up and I am unsure how to display it all.

i have a teensy 2.0 & UART serial conv, i followed the GIMX for dummies and standard instructions numerous times, checked all connections and software has been downloaded and programmed onto the Teensy multiple times. and seem to get this same "cant read packet error" as well.
usually the Teensy loader does not want to cooperate with the teensy. (the teensy will only stay connected and on the screen after you activate manually with the button, for a few seconds. giving me only barely enough time to spam the program button and reboot buttons to get a successful upload screen.)
i am also not sure about the USBDK driver. im not sure if it is already included in the files of the GIMX software or if needs to be downloaded separately. I have searched it online and cannot find a straight forward ource to download a USBDK driver

I greatly would appreciate any basic instructions on what exactly you need me to present here and how to achieve it.
im not sure how to share the data log from the launcher because it disappears as soon as it realizes it cant read. It then gives me the suggestions window of what to check to fix the issue

Sorry if my reply is not perfect and lacks exactly what is needed to diagnose, but im glad just to make contact with you so i may receive some guidance. I feel extremely overwhelmed & frustrated over how long this process has taken. I have tried and failed and wasted away many hours. please help!

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Re: Can't get g27 to work with ps4

Post by GoDlike » Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:27 am


Relax Mike. We will do our best to get your adapter working :-)

I moved your post to new topic as it wasn't related to the original thread question.

For posting log file please check this guide. Point 3. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=691

Log file is required. We won't be able to help you without it.

Please make sure you also checked this guide -

USBDK driver is included with gimx and as far as I remember it's auto installed at the end of the setup unless you uncheck it.

If you are sure that cables are fine then check if you have a genuine teensy board. We already encountered similar problem before and it was caused by fake teensy board. It may be the cause especially if you have problems with flashing firmware.

Also remember that if you don't want to mess with diy problems you can always buy compatible adapter from official gimx shop. These adapter are built by Matlo and are nearly plug'n'play.

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