No config was found in GIMX-Launcher

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No config was found in GIMX-Launcher

Post by AND_1 » Wed May 31, 2017 8:47 am

Hello everyone,

1. I bought an USB-Adapter from the official GIMX-Shop, my PC sees it as "Silicon Labs Cp210x USB to UART Bridge (COM12)".
I ordered it with the EMUG27PC Package, but if I connect it, it isn't called G27 Steering Wheel. And also the Logitech Profiler doesn't identify it.
I plugged it into my Laptop with both ends each on a USB 3.0 Port.
When I open the GIMX-Launcher, it tells me that there is no config and I should download a config.
So I chose the "LogitechG27_G29_.xml" file.
If I want to start it with the GIMX Launcher, the error message appears: "Can't retrieve config".
Is it because it has not been flashed to the board before, or am I missing something?
If I need to reflash it, how is it done properly?
I only want it to be emulate the G27 Wheel on the PC at the moment.
2. Later on, I want to use the BBB as an Input device. Maybe there is a topic for it also or its similar to the Raspberry Pi configuration?

Thanks for help ;)


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Re: No config was found in GIMX-Launcher

Post by Matlo » Wed May 31, 2017 9:26 am


Maybe your antivirus is blocking the download. Try temporarily disabling it.
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