Many newbie questions

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Many newbie questions

Post by zern » Thu Mar 09, 2017 7:51 pm

I have Logitech Driving Force Pro and want to use it with my PS4.
Also, I don't want to use PC and want to use my Raspberry Pi 3B board.
I studied GIMX wiki and tutorials but still have questions (there is many paragraphs, where info is somewhat opposite - like "DS4 should be wired permanently" and at other page "DS4 should be connected via bluetooth permanently").

Boards to buy (cheapest preferred, soldering is not a problem):
1. USB-UART board. Which is preferred - CP2102 or something else?
2. AVR USB board. Which one?
Simpliest one, like - ... 2266523158
Or (probably not this) - ... 2325158152

3. Do I need additional power supply or some wiring to use DIY adapter with RPI3?
4. First, I need to flash AVR board once and pair it with my Dualshock 4 to create profile? Is this profile saved somewhere, so I can copy it and reuse (for example - from Windows to Raspbian).
5. Then I need to reflash board to emulate G29 permanently?
6. Do I need to use only bluetooth RPI3-DS4 connection or can use USB wired connection?

7. When using PC why I need to install Logitech drivers? Driving Force Pro never had PC support. Are drivers necessary for GIMX? They don't needed for Ubuntu or Raspbian.

After researching and searching for more info I found, that DS4 can be wired and no pairing required. It is correct?
Also, Pi can be used instead of UART board, but I still want to build full adapter, just in case if it will be used with PC.
My Pi is currently running as RetroPie, so I just need to run GIMX as service or somehow run it when necessary from Emulation Station menu.

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Re: Many newbie questions

Post by Matlo » Fri Mar 10, 2017 8:48 pm


You have to care about the wiki sections.
There are different connection methods (USB, bluetooth), and the instructions are different for each one.
You need a DS4 wired permanently when using the USB connection method.
You need a DS4 connected via bluetooth permanently when using the bluetooth connection method.

1. CP2104
2. Any of these.
3. The RPi must be powered some way.
4. When using the USB connection method no pairing is needed.
5. Flashing has to happen before using it with the GIMX software.
6. Bluetooth is an alternative connection method.
7. You must be mistaken. Driving Force Pro has PC support. Maybe you mean game support?
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