Gimx usb and Xbox 360 with Gentoo Linux

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Gimx usb and Xbox 360 with Gentoo Linux

Post by jane8re » Sat Apr 21, 2012 8:29 pm

Hello every one

Here are the results of my experience with gimx for Xbox360 running on my Gentoo laptop.

I) The Gimx software

Of course, there is no ebuild for gimx, so just follow this Howto ... ompileGIMX

On gentoo you need the following packages : wxGTK, bluez, glib, libxml2, libxi and libusb.

Check that your kernel support CP2012 usb board. The module name is USB_SERIAL_CP210X
Mine was not so I had to recompile it.

II) The hardware.

The Gimx usb adapter is made with a CP2102 board and a Teensy 2.0 board as explained here

and here

Download the specific firmware for Xbox 360. You will find the link here

The gui Teensy loader from pjrc does not work on gentoo because of a libpng version dependency issue. But the command line loader do.
Just download the source code from here

Unpack the archive. In a terminal, place yourself in the new folder
$ cd /way/to/.../teensy_loader_cli

and simply
$ make

Then, as root (I'm lazy, I don't want to add new rules to udev), do
# ./teensy_loader_cli -v -mmcu=atmega32u4 -w /way/to/.../firmwares/atmega32u4.hex

Options :
-v : verbose mode
-mmcu=<MCU> : specify the mcu, atmega32u4 for the Teensy 2.0
-w : wait for device to appear. The program waits until you press the pushbutton on the Teensy board.

And it works

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