Bonjour, Hi, Ola

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Bonjour, Hi, Ola

Post by LeBrevinois »

Hi ladies and gentlemen !
I'm 40ish years old and still playing some racing ;) I've got a T300 RS GT Edition with a wheel stand pro as a starting set on PS4 Pro
I'm planning to build a DIY analog handbrake using Gimx on Pi zero device, so here is the right place to start.
Fred from St Brevin , France

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Re: Bonjour, Hi, Ola

Post by kaiba_seto2004 »

Welcome to Gimx, Mr LeBrevinois ;)
PS4 enthusiast.

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Re: Bonjour, Hi, Ola

Post by Matlo »

Welcome :)
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Re: Bonjour, Hi, Ola

Post by GoDlike »

Hello :-)
My hardware: PS3 Slim CFW 4.80 | PS4 Pro 500 Million LE | Xbox One X
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