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This page temporarily contains additional instructions for controlling the PS4 over bluetooth. It will later be merged to other pages.

Hardware requirements

Bluetooth dongle

A bluetooth dongle is needed. The only tested bt chip is the CSR8510 chip.


The only supported OS is Ubuntu 16.04 and its derivate such as Linux Mint 18.

It can also work on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian.

Teensy 2.0 or Arduino Micro

(both are equiped with the ATmega32U4 Microcontroller Chip)

This is required for pairing the bt dongle with the PS4.

For the Teensy 2.0 you can use the Teensy Loader.

For the Arduino Micro you may use the Arduino Builder.

The firmware with the needed "atmega32u4.hex" file is available at:

Dualshock 4

The PS4 only takes inputs from licensed controller.
In order to authenticate itself as a licensed controller, GIMX needs to be connected over bluetooth to a real Dualshock 4 all the time.
After having started GIMX, unplug the USB cable from the Dualshock 4 and press the PS button.

Download & setup

GIMX has full support for the PS4 since version 2.00.
The setup is straightforward using gimx-launcher.

Additional instructions for RPi/raspbian

The bluetooth service is automatically started when a device tries to connect.
This is annoying since it will intercept the connection requests.
To disable the service, run the following command and reboot:

sudo update-rc.d bluetooth disable

Alternatively, you can stop the bluetooth service and move the bluetoothd binary:

sudo service bluetooth stop
cd /usr/sbin
sudo mv bluetoothd bluetoothd.bk

The drawback of this second method is that it will need to be performed again after each update of the bluez package.