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Note: there is a latency issue with GIMX+bluetooth running on Ubuntu 12.04. If you use GIMX+bluetooth, stay on Ubuntu 11.10 until this gets fixed.

Add "universe" to your software sources

  • Start Ubuntu Software Center.
  • Click Edit>Software Sources.
  • Select "Community-maintained Open Source software (universe)", and close.

Refresh software sources

If you are running from a Live CD or a Live USB, you have to manually refresh software sources:

  • Click on the Ubuntu desk.
  • In the search area, type "terminal" with no quotes, and hit enter.
  • In the terminal, type "sudo apt-get update" with no quotes, and hit enter.

Download the .deb file

  • Downloard the .deb file: 32bits or 64bits
  • Install it (double click, then install).