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These configurations are available to download from the "Help > Get configs" menu in gimx-launcher.
On startup gimx-launcher will automatically download configurations based on the devices plugged to the computer (since version 7.3).

Wheel Windows config GNU/Linux config
Wingman Formula Yellow LogitechWingManFormula_G29.xml LogitechWingManFormula_G29.xml
Wingman Force GP LogitechWingManFormulaGP_G29.xml LogitechWingManFormulaGP_G29.xml
Wingman Formula Force LogitechWingManFormulaForce_G29.xml LogitechWingManFormulaForce_G29.xml
Wingman Formula Force GP LogitechWingManFormulaForceGP_G29.xml LogitechWingManFormulaForceGP_G29.xml
Driving Force LogitechDrivingForce_G29.xml LogitechDrivingForce_G29.xml
Driving Force Ex LogitechDrivingForceEx_G29.xml LogitechDrivingForceEx_G29.xml
Driving Force Rx LogitechDrivingForceRx_G29.xml LogitechDrivingForceRx_G29.xml
Formula Force Ex LogitechFormulaForceEx_G29.xml LogitechFormulaForceEx_G29.xml
Momo Force LogitechMomoForce_G29.xml N/A
Momo Racing Force LogitechMomoRacing_G29.xml LogitechMomoRacing_G29.xml
Driving Force Pro LogitechDrivingForcePro_G29.xml LogitechDrivingForcePro_G29.xml
G25 LogitechG25_G29.xml LogitechG25_G29.xml
Driving Force GT LogitechDrivingForceGT_G29 LogitechDrivingForceGT_G29
G27 LogitechG27_G29.xml LogitechG27_G29.xml
G29 N/A N/A
G920 LogitechG920_G29.xml LogitechG920_G29.xml