Key Combos

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Re: Key Combos

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ckaiycool wrote: Wed Dec 08, 2021 10:36 am Only one way to find out :D
It might not work when you have LShift binded on profile 1 to RT.
You can remove RT and LT from profile 1 if your main goal is to use mouse buttons for heavy attacks. ;)
Everything else looks right.
I totally got what it is and how it works. Thank you very much. You put lots of time and energy. I cannot pay you because time is priceless, but I will assure you I will help anyone if he has my problem. Thanks again.
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Re: Key Combos

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If you are happy, i am happy...i love happy endings ;) ;) :D
Hope everything works as intended 🤘
Note to my self -use computer and not phone to write next time :lol:
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