Trying to use G920 with G27 firmware on a 2007 F1 game

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Trying to use G920 with G27 firmware on a 2007 F1 game

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Hello everyone. I recently got interested in playing Formula One Championship Edition on PS3 with my trusty G920. I use G27 firmware and it works perfectly fine with Gran Turismo games (5th and 6th) but it seems that some games have no idea what a G27 is. When I use my wheel with this firmware, it recognizes it as a generic controller, and button mappings are all over the place. I tried combating it by re-mapping everything manually but it seems the game just isn't aware that it's a wheel.

I tried using Driving Force Pro firmware (I guess that's what EMUDFP stands for) and then the game sort of recognizes the wheel but not really. The wheel is only supposed to have 200 degrees of rotation (at least GIMX tells me so) but no matter what I set it to in Logitech Gaming Software - the wheel is just very stiff and I need to turn it to full hard lock to turn it fully in-game.

I figured if I could somehow use firmware for Driving Force GT or Logitech G25, then the game would recognize it since those wheels were around since the PS3 launch. Maybe someone can help me with finding proper firmware or telling me how to maybe change G27 firmware to behave as G25?

Edit: Okay, so about steering wheel rotation - I fixed it by installing G Hub instead of LGS.

Edit2: changed the title, I dunno why I thought this game was released in 09

Edit3: DFPro firmware seems to work well enough for this game after tweaking my G Hub settings and FFB settings on the profile. I wonder though what's the problem with G27's firmware? I found multiple mentions that this game supports G27 and my PS3 can't find any update for this disc so I guess it's up to date. Maybe G27 works in several modes across multiple platforms and titles (G27 supposedly works with PS2 but this firmware doesn't work with PS2, believe me, I tried. DFP works though)? Like legacy modes integrated into the hardware?
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