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Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:04 am
by Matlo
  1. Before asking for help, please:
  2. If the above suggestions do not help, create a thread with a clear subject, and describe your issue briefly and clearly.
  3. Generate a log file: select "Messages>Log file" in gimx-launcher before starting GIMX.
    Reproduce the issue while generating the log file.
    Stop GIMX, post the log file on pastebin and add the link into your post.
  4. Provide additionnal details:
    • bluetooth connection method: add the bluetooth dongle model / manufacturer / version
    • GIMX adapter:
      • if you bought it, add the shop
      • if you made it yourself
        • list the parts you used
        • if you don't get a "usb adapter detected, controller type is ..." message in the log, post a clear photo showing the wiring
      • add the firmware (version + folder + file, for example 5.4/EMUPS4/atmega32u4.hex)
    • other: GPP/Cronus/Titan...
    • the gaming target: PS3 (fat, slim, superslim...), 360, PS4, XOne, PC
    • the game
    • the controller: mouse/keyboard/joystick brand+model