Mapping "Dotted" portion of PS4 controller

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Mapping "Dotted" portion of PS4 controller

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Hi there,

I am trying to write a config for a Saitek Cyborg V1 joystick, to use it on ACE Combat on my PS4. The "Toggle Radar Map Display" button in game, appears to be assigned to the clear plastic "dotted" part on the top of the PS4 controller. Am I completely wrong? On the GIMX Config editor, there doesn't seem to be a controller button "called" this. Do you know what I mean? :-)
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Re: Mapping "Dotted" portion of PS4 controller

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Try messing around with these setting (make combo key from touchpad button and finger1, finger2, ...):
Since we have no games with touchpad spots input so we have no way to say how to make it works... You need to DIY.
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