G923 as G29 on PC

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G923 as G29 on PC

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Hello, I have been looking for a solution for using my G923 Logitech Wheel on older games that support the G29.

I have been reading through the wiki and forums but can't determine if GIMX will help me achieve this.

Can anyone tell if this is possible? And if so maybe point me in the right direction for a tutorial?

Thank you!
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Re: G923 as G29 on PC

Post by GoDlike »


GIMX officially supports G27 on PC, but not G29. You can try using firmware for PS4 called EMUG29PS4 that will try to mimick G29, but I can't guarantee if it will work on PC. It's intended to use on PS4.
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Re: G923 as G29 on PC

Post by Reittier »

For many games like the codemasters games its very easy to edit the existing game config files of the G25/G27/G29 and you can use newer wheels with it. You have to search for the usb device ID and change it to your wheel. Then rebind the axes and buttons ingame.
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