PS4 doesnt work :(

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PS4 doesnt work :(

Post by kusofish »

It seems that GIMX operation cannot be detected on PS4.
I'm sorry because English is inconvenient...

firmware : EMUPS4 8.0
OS : Windows10 x64
Controller : DS4 CUH-ZCT2J
PS4 Slim
selfmade-adapter (Leonardo R3 , CP2102)
Mouse : G304
Keyboard : G910

log file :

Please teach me...! :cry:

What I tried :?
 ・Connect after turning off the DS4
 ・Multiple mouse and keyboards → off (gimx-config)
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Re: PS4 doesnt work :(

Post by LoneWolf81 »


From the log file I see that you don't seem to have pressed the button mapped to PS on your keyboard, double check your mapping in the GIMX-fpsconfig utility and save the config.

The Dualshock4.xml does not contain any keyboard mappings so you have to map each function. I would recommend you start with one of the other pre-made configs and edit it to your liking.

Try to test again with the new mapping if it still does not respond replace the usb cable with one that you have confirmed working with data transfer capabilities as some cables only have lines for power.
Please Remember to Post your Log file in the support section , that way its easier and faster to start identifying the issue thus helping you to sort it out so you can enjoy GIMX :D .
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