[Xbox One] - ultimate way to run Gimx with no errors.

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[Xbox One] - ultimate way to run Gimx with no errors.

Post by sephirotdnf » Sun Jun 05, 2016 2:24 pm

Hello @Matlo,

For some time I had issues with connecting GIMX with my Xbox One on Raspberry.
I have found ultimate way to connect everything all together without any issues.

Please remember to follow those steps with every restart of GIMX (Shift + esc) otherwise my Xbox one controller is not detected by GIMX and you get "GIMX ran less than 5 seconds" error.

Code: Select all

can't read packet header
No controller detected.
adapter_detect failed

Wiki for Raspberry could be updated:
All steps below need to be taken every start/restart of GIMX

0> Make sure XBOX One controller is connected to RPI when booting RPI up.
1> Disconnect AVR USB board and USB to UART adapter!! Yes, both USB and Mini USB.
2> Plug the AVR USB board (e.g. Teensy, Arduino Leonardo, Micro Pro...) to the console and wait few seconds.
3> Plug the USB to UART adapter (e.g. CP2102, FT232RL...) to the computer and wait few seconds.
4> Make sure XBOX ONE controller is off.
5> Reconnect the XBOX ONE controller and don't switch it on. Pad will vibrate.
6> don't touch pad - GIMX will authenticate it with console and turn the pad on automatically.
7> Start GIMX, perform all config accordingly if needed etc. and play game.


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