My Raspberry Zero GIMX FPS Setup

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My Raspberry Zero GIMX FPS Setup

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thanks for this great Project.

This is my GIMX Setup to play FPS (Doom at the moment) on PS4 with Mouse/Keyboard.

- no wired connection to PS4, no soldering necessary


The Components:

1) Raspberry Pi Zero W
- "gimxos" image for raspberry (, thanks to the author
- Raspbian Stretch
- updated GIMX to v7.2
- the onbord LED is used to signal that the Pi is up and GIMX is running (i modified Pi configuration and script)
- i configured keyboard shortcut (Windows+Esc) to shutdown the Pi
- with the integrated Wifi and VNC, the system can be configured if required
- integrated Bluetooth is disabled

2) USB OTG Hub
- 4 Ports
- Mouse, Keyboard, Bluetooth Dongle connected

3) Bluetooth Dongle
- ORICO USB Bluetooth Adapter 4.0 (BTA-403)
- Controller: CSR8510

4) 6000mAh Power Bank
- with integrated Power Switch (short press: power on, long press: power off)

5) Gaming Mouse
- 7200dpi/1000Hz (i use it with 500Hz polling rate)
- programmable with Windows-Software, Settings are stored in the Mouse

6) Keyboard
- nothing special

I used a small ATmega32u4-Board (Pro Micro) with the Pairing-Firmware to Pair DS4 with GIMX and GIMX with PS4.
Before this i let the PS4 forget the DS4 in the PS4 Settings.

I have no long-term experience, but in the first tests everything seems to work as expected, except for one thing.
Only mouse and keyboard inputs are registered in the PS4. The PS4 do not respond to Inputs from the DS4.
I thought there is a passthrough, so that Mouse, Keyboard and DS4 can be used at the same time.
What could be the mistake?


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Re: My Raspberry Zero GIMX FPS Setup

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For your question, have you tried loading the 'Dualshock4.xml' configuration file, or tried adding similar configurations to an existing configuration that you are using? I'm also not sure about this, but if you are using multiple controllers and keyboards, maybe you could run things from the command line.

As a side note, I am considering setting something up similar to what you have here, but I had a question for you. How did you go about deciding between using the Pi Zero and the regular Pi 3? I am considering the Pi 3 simply because it already has 4 USB ports, but the Pi Zero does have a cost advantage.

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Re: My Raspberry Zero GIMX FPS Setup

Post by chibiaznflipboi »

Hi, I'm new, but I really want to learn how to make this work.

I think I received an error tryiing to flash gimx unto my micro sd.

can you provide a step by step tutorial for the set up?

Do i need an mini hdmi adapter for this?

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