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Hello all

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 3:34 pm
by MrFluffy
Hi, I just ordered a teensy from GIMX store, and will 3d print a adaptor case from thingiverse or similar and I thought I'd better say hello.
I have a bit of a nostalgia console collecting habit, so what I'm trying to do is get as few peripherals to serve as many consoles as possible.

I just bought a G27 Logitech, because I have PS3/PS4, and I read maybe one day GIMX can cover the Xbox one/ 360 also. That would be great if it happens because one wheel can serve those 4 targets. For now a microsoft 360 wireless wheel with a 360 wireless->pc dongle and a brook 360->one adaptor covers the MS targets, but its not as nice feeling + a pain changing wheels. There's another project to run 360 peripherals on a Xbox original too I'm looking at, so maybe I can combine in future.
I researched the DriveHub but GIMX seems more open to tweaking and has "possibilities" + I've tinkered with linux and arduino/atmel things for a few years now so I'd rather support it.

I plan to first run GIMX on a Devuan linux server thats running 24/7 & close by to where my consoles sit running on a old atom net top pc, and feed its output into a 2 to 4 targets USB switcher so I can push a physical button to switch the console target to each console (I only play one at a time). Maybe when I'm more familiar I can get it to run on a beaglebone black running debian instead of a Pi as I much prefer them over Pi's (personal choice...)

So, er, Hi/Bjr :)

Re: Hello all

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 9:21 pm
by Matlo
Welcome :)

Re: Hello all

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 11:29 pm
by GoDlike
Hello :)

Re: Hello all

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 2:27 pm
by MrFluffy
Thanks, I ordered a adaptor from the store, but because I'm impatient sometimes, I got a arduino lenardo and uart adapter and put one together. When the second arrives, I have another plan for it in the longer term :)

For the Devuan install, because it has no systemD, there would be unmet dependancies using the debian pkg, so I built it from source from the Git Repo, this is under Devuan's version of jessie, I've got another install with ascii which is debian 9 equivalent so I'll try it on that too soon.
Apart from some issues with permissions meaning currently I have to run gimx as root to test (I'll fix that soon, probably udev related), it seems to work ok, it can see the Lenardo and send the firmware to it using avrdude in the background fine.
For configuration, the linux machine is headless, but it has X installed, so I just started up a vnc server and vnc'd to it to run the gui configs, I'll start it from init once its sorted and configs more settled.

I've connected the g27 to my ps4, and auth'd the ps4 controller plugged in so gimx authos and currently the joypad on the gearshift seems to work in ps4 main menu, I'll test the wheel as a actual wheel next.
I'm waiting on some usb-b->usb cables to put the usb switcher inline to change machine controlled, not sure if to switch the usb between the adaptor and computer and keep one adapter per console with firmware correct for that target, or switch controller->console. At least I'll test it first without the usb switch potentially causing odd issues.

So closer to my dream of not having loads of different console controllers lying around. Great project people!