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Autostart function of Gimx, best way

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2021 9:51 pm
by Postman_23
Hi guys,

I have to make an desicion and I'm not realy sure how I could realize it. Hope someone is able to help me.

I've bought an USB adapter directly from the shop a few weeks ago. After some testing the system is now running on an PC I used for this test based on windows 10.

The building is an Fanatec Podium Wheel base DD1 with Formular 1 wheel (PS4 support) running on a Playstation 3. After some trying an building a config file the wheel pedals and so on are working.

To finalize the setting, I would be buying a small PC, also based on windows and automate the process of running this setting without keyboard mouse or monitor. A friend of mine would use the system in the future so he should only be pushing the power button after he has plugged in the wheel and the system should work.

Is it possible, after copying the gimx 8.0 applikation in the autostart folder, running automaticly? Or is it better to do this automatic with an raspery?

I would prefer windows, because I'm better in using it. Linux is possible for me but I'm not very skilled in using this platform.

Looking forward for your answers. 🙂

Regards, Sebastian.

Re: Autostart function of Gimx, best way

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 10:40 am
by GoDlike
When you run gimx through gimx-launcher it actually launches command like that "gimx --auto-grab --config "PS4_Keyboard.xml" --force-updates --subpos --port COM20". You can run gimx-launcher with option Messages->log file to check options that your gimx run with.

In my case it's:
global option -l with value `log.txt'
global option -c with value `PS4_Keyboard.xml'
controller #1: option -p with value `COM20'
now reading arguments for controller #2
status flag is set
subpos flag is set
force_updates flag is set
auto-grab flag is set
GIMX 7.9 x86_64
Windows 10 (or later) x64
Kernel version: 10.0 (16299)
GIMX adapter detected, controller type is: Keyboard.
Now you need to put same command to .bat file and put it to autostart in Windows and that's it. Gimx will run everytime on start. If you have troubles constructing the right command you can use Process Hacker to check exact command your gimx is running with. Just double click gimx.exe in Process Hacker while it's running.
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You may also think about creating a task in Task Scheduler that runs gimx 30 seconds after startup so everything will be loaded already.

Re: Autostart function of Gimx, best way

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 8:01 am
by Postman_23
Hi GoDlike,

thanks for you helb and fast response, I will try that at weekend.

Best regards