Battlefield 3, Keyboard + Mouse

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Re: Battlefield 3, Keyboard + Mouse

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Did you changed your polling rate from the mouse?

Dont worry, be happy!!!

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Re: Battlefield 3, Keyboard + Mouse

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McKack wrote:
HIGH5 wrote:Matlo/McKack, what are the most noticeable improvements over .23?
It did feel slightly tighter but I'm going to do a fresh build and put it in its own folder without any old Sixemu files in the mix and do some more thorough comparison testing. I've only been using it in the heat of battle in Battlefield 3 so far.
One major thing is the force events of course that'll make a BIG difference in Killzone 3 for example, and brings compatibility with games like Duke Nukem Forever that requires constant feedback from a controller.
Other than that, there's improvements to the config customizer that is very helpful when working with multiple configurations (will be known as multiple profiles post-0.24)
DPI used when configuring is stored so you don't have to worry about figuring that out when doing a conversion to your own mouse.
And lots more...
Sounds good, multiple profiles is a great feature especially in games like bf3 where you have vehicles.
sp3c14list wrote:Did you changed your polling rate from the mouse?
You should always play on 500.

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Re: Battlefield 3, Keyboard + Mouse

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I play it safe, jumping between a polling rate of 250 and 500. I feel like I sometimes get the old hiccups I experienced back in the "old" days when I was using the MX518 if I use a polling rate of 500 though. Might just be my imagination, however.
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