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Re: [Request][XboxOne] Battlefield V Config

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Thank you. So you think there is no point of replacing my mouse for something with higher DPI? Oh and one more question. Should my mouse DPI should be the same as DPI in my config file? Or could I increase DPI in my config but I’m not sure is there any reason for doing this.

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Re: [Request][XboxOne] Battlefield V Config

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As for the mouse please check on the Internet if your sensor does not interpolate movement. It can give unpredictable results.

This is for automatic sensitivity conversion. If I release a config and I use other dpi value you would have too fast/slow movement. You have to press convert sensitivity and type your dpi value. Gimx will then adjust sensitivity basing on difference between these two dpi values so every user with different dpi values will have same experience. It works well for most configs.
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