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My Config Repository

Post by McKack »

I figured since I'm somewhat occupied at the moment and I promised to share my configurations a while back, I'd kill two birds with one stone and use the new Google Drive to synchronize all my configs between Windows and Ubuntu as well as making them downloadable for everyone.

Unreleased configs does not have any information regarding bindings etc. since most are work in progress, so you will have to figure out what keys does what. I always try to follow standards though so this overview should help you if you don't wan't to study the config straight away:
  • Action, Interact, Use = E, R (HOLD), F
  • Fire, Attack, Melee = BUTTON_LEFT/RIGHT/MIDDLE (MOUSE)
  • Fast switch, Select/cycle weapon/item = F, F (HOLD), 1234
  • Inventory, Map, Objectives = 1234, I, M, TAB
  • Weapon/fire/ammo modes, Zoom = Q, C, V, BUTTON_X1-4 (MOUSE), BUTTON_WHEELUP/DOWN (MOUSE)
  • Grenade, Equipment = G, E, Q
  • Issue commands = C
  • Camera/view mode, Night vision = V, N
  • Accelerate/decelerate, Ascend/descend = BUTTON_X1-4 (MOUSE), W, S, SPACE, CTRL
  • Interface, Menu, Pause = TAB, BACKSPACE, ENTER
Can't figure it out?
Feel free to ask and I'll explain a specific bind/layout.

The repository
The following location will always contain my personal configurations, released as well as unreleased (experimental, work in progress, etc.), instantly updated and added whenever I modify or create new ones:
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Re: My Config Repository

Post by niema »

Thank you so mutch. Very helpful. But I've got one qustion. Why won't you post your great working configs in this section of forum? For example mw2 config? I mean, it will be easier for begginers to find them. Thanks again.

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