Why Gimx Not Popular?

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Why Gimx Not Popular?

Post by jegand » Tue Feb 26, 2019 5:38 am

I use gimx last 2 day i think this is amazing for want to use mouse on PS.This is the only forum about this and there are a very few users in there.Why do you think so??

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Re: Why Gimx Not Popular?

Post by GoDlike » Tue Feb 26, 2019 9:19 am

It's open source software and it's free so we don't advertise much. Im trying to encourage more poeple by making videos while using gimx and we also reworked many things on site and software last year. I guess the really expensive alternative adapters spend much more money on advertising and they get it from selling the software while we depend on donations made by our users.
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Re: Why Gimx Not Popular?

Post by MrFluffy » Tue Feb 26, 2019 6:06 pm

The above, but also its a kind of a clash of culture. If your into linux/open source stuff, its not really usual to find the same subset of people gaming on a (closed ecosystem) console. Plus I think a larger group of console gamers just want things that work with no config or anything, just plug in and go.
Also if you've spent a lot on two types of current consoles, its not a big stretch to buy a converter to let you move peripherals, there's race dash for wheels, cronius/brook etc for joypads. People who can afford two current consoles are sometimes time poor, if that's all that you need it for.

I personally want to get to the situation eventually when I can use one set of peripherals over as many of my console collection that I can, and I already know the mainstream adaptor makers won't cater for this as its a extremely small niche market. I currently have xbox one, ps4, ps3, 360, xbox classic, ps2, ps1, gc,wii, amiga cd32 and other weirder stuff that obeys the 9 pin atari format that are hooked up to power up. To game on each one (after all, what's the point of having them if you don't power them up and enjoy them occasionally) involves a massive mess of peripherals, and some of the controls are really fragile because of age/wear and expensive (cd32 original controller will cost 80-100e second hand, honeybee joypad for the same even more, and they're all mostly worn out by now for example).
Today a wired ps2->atari/cd32 adaptor arrived in the post, if ps2 firmware comes, that would mean 5 consoles in the collection could use the main controller along with the more usual ones, and maybe I can learn how to make the firmware to support this. Perhaps also I can use a esp8266 as a virtual serial port under linux and have a old atari style 9 pin joystick reworked with it and a lipo as a wireless controller source also. Lots of interesting possibilities to tinker with and because its open source, I can lift the hood and look inside myself.

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Re: Why Gimx Not Popular?

Post by Forbidden Era » Wed Feb 27, 2019 6:10 pm

I agree this should be more popular for how flexible it is letalone how cheap. You can go spend $200 on an adapter that will only allow keyboard and mouse and no other configuration or spend $10 on gimx and do lots more.

I think one thing though- other adapters are all in one, gimx requires a computer or st least a Pi and Pi support isn't perfect apparently.

Though to be honest, most people at least have a crap laptop or something kicking around. If we could implement the app side on an embedded device (not easy, I know) people would love that.

I will be making a video demonstrating how I used GIMX to make my custom handbrake working and maybe other things.

I was also considering looking into making a Mac port (it does not work properly under parallels for mouse support - I assume something to do with how Parallels handles mouse, perhaps killing parallel tools in the guest would help..it works then you move the mouse and it "jumps" out of the "tracking area" and gimx dies saying I switched focus, regardless of input method/mouse capture serting) although I am sure the permissions crap in newer OSX may cause issues.

Was also thinking of making a gui for curses mode. Will see if time permits me to contribute some code. I would also donate but unfortunately I can't at the moment, hopefully in the future.

It's a great solution and easy to get working (when you have the proper hardware lol) and the support on these forums had also been great for a free project.

Thanks to all devs/contributors.

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Re: Why Gimx Not Popular?

Post by MrFluffy » Fri Mar 01, 2019 4:51 pm

There's more (imho better) than just the PI in the sbc's that run linux world also. In the past on other projects I've had (lots of) problems with usb and Pi's and if you look at the bus design itself, ethernet + usb go through the same bus bottleneck as originally the SOC it uses was designed for a mobile phone where that didn't matter and the market is so tiny for the Pi its never going to be fixed, so when IO is heavy or it shuts down uncleanly, it leads to issues around card corruption because the bus doesn't finish its IO for that bus which keeps the sd card in good state. I've even had one corrupt a usb mounted filesystem.
There's a BeagleBone Black I've had as my OctoPrint server for my 3d printer for a few years now, and I can just yank the power to it because I switch off the whole 4 gang socket outlet for the printer/print server etc, and it boots next time I use the 3d printer without any drama.
I'll try GIMX on a spare BBB just to test when I have time because I think it'll be a more reliable solution, but for now I have it on a old atom powered mini computer running Devuan (debian derivative).

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Re: Why Gimx Not Popular?

Post by Cybereu » Thu Mar 14, 2019 4:04 pm

Me and my brother are trying to do a "gimx box", using orange PI zero and an Android application, but se encountering some issues described above plus se dont have skills in eletronic/3d printing.

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