GIMX for Xbox 360 Peripherals on Xbox One

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Re: GIMX for Xbox 360 Peripherals on Xbox One

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OK. My current setup is as follows:
X1 <-> GIMX <-> RPi controlling proxy <-> PDP <-> MadCatz MIDI <-> drum set. If I make an input into the drum kit or the MIDI, I can visibly see a light blinking on the serial part of the GIMX, so I am confident it is transmitting. The X1 dashboard software also responds appropriately. So does RB4.

I then modified the setup to the following:
X1 <-> GIMX <-> RPi controlling proxy <-> PDP <-> 2nd GIMX <-> 2nd RPi controlling proxy <-> MadCatz MIDI <-> drum set. This way, I can capture the same input and output of the PDP adapter, so we can see empirically what changes the PDP adapter is making to the packet. And for some reason, it's working today...

So the following packet captures are of the following in order:

(All on the MIDI adapter, not the kit output)
Start button
A button
X button
Y button
Back button
Down D-pad
Up D-pad
Left D-pad
Right D-pad
Guide button x2
Overdrive button
B button


(Kit output)
Kick pedal
Yellow cymbal
Blue cymbal
Green cymbal
Yellow pad
Blue pad
Green pad
Red pad

This is almost all the inputs that the MIDI adapter can send through; the only one missing is the hi-hat control pedal. My kit is not able to send the proper control message for that to work with in the first place. Hopefully we can use these captures side-by-side to determine exactly what modifications the PDP adapter makes to the controller packet.

I've uploaded the two captures of the same input to ... if someone wants to take a look at them. Again, they were both recorded at the same time, only one is on either side of the PDP adapter. There is a slight offset in the times of activating the capture, but using the same timed inputs should help in understanding the modifications.

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